How This Works

We all know we should be working direct from the Irish Lore in our Irish Spiritual practices, and not from some cute sparkly website or pretty packaged book… But, where do we start?! It’s a bit of a minefield, let’s be honest.

Lora O’Brien has been working with her native Irish lore for a very long time. Professionally, as a tour guide, heritage site manager, and teacher. And personally, through her whole life, seeking spiritual sustenance and guidance in the legends of her ancestors.

This free 21 day challenge will help you to get an easy start with proper Irish source lore.

Your Challenge:

  • Open the Daily Email (6th Jan to 26th Jan).
  • Watch the 10 minute Daily Video.
  • Think or Journal about the Question or Action Point at the end of each video.
  • Join us in the FB Group to se how others are getting on each day, and to contribute your experience (if you want to).
  • Be better versed in Irish Lore after just 3 weeks!

If you miss the starting date (Sun 6th January)... Join anyway. All previous videos will be available through the Curriculum page here.

Tá Fáilte Romhat - You're Welcome!

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