Irish Pagan School Conference 2021 - Resilience

Over 8 hours of learning and lore, with Native Irish Teachers

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Learn about Spiritual Resilience from Multiple Perspectives with Native (& Honorary!) Irish Presenters

Our Presenters Include:

  • Lora O'Brien - Author, Educator & Guide (Hosting Only)
  • Jon O'Sullivan, An Scéalaí Beag - Author and Storyteller, Dagda Bard (Hosting & Presenting)
  • Orlagh Costello - Writer and Oíde (teacher & engineer)
  • Morgan Daimler - Author and Priest of Na Daoine Maithe
  • Anna Coote - Irish Priest, Hedgewitch and Therapist
  • Ian Paul Power - Devotional Crafter and Priest of the Morrigan
  • Morgana - Druid and Shadow Worker
  • Meri Fowler - Teacher, Poet, and Witch

Our experts and community leaders will cover a range of topics on the day, including such fascinating subjects as:

  • Rest is Not a Reward: Re-examining Our Societal Programming
  • Sheela-na-Gig: Survival in the Shadows
  • From Deity to Fairy Monarch
  • Guided Drum Journey to the Three Cauldrons for Resilience and Recovery
  • Battling Burnout - How to get up again when you fall on your spiritual path
  • Developing a Shape-shifting Practice with Raven & Crow
  • The 'Other Crowd' in Canada: Exploring Personal Encounter

Please see the Curriculum for the Session recordings

Why an Online Conference?

Well, for one thing, we're in Ireland. And a lot of our students are not in Ireland. So an online venue to build community and explore knowledge in an accessible manner makes sense. We can bring you the wisdom and experience from our small but powerful island, to wherever you are on the planet - as long as you have WiFi!

Online conferences greatly enhance the benefits of traditional face-to-face events through interactive meeting rooms and unique opportunities for participant collaboration. We can bring our students together from anywhere in the world! Our online conference will foster discussion, networking, and conversations that continue well after the event.

When you enroll in this conference, you are receiving lifetime access to the recordings too (with a full 30 day money back guarantee).

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"A very good conference with a wide variety of speakers, it will be a pleasure to go back and to look at all of this again in the future as a permanent resource."

- Marc Rhodes-Taylor, 2020 Conference Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to access this conference?
When you enroll in this conference, you will be sent information by email (Fáilte - Your Access to the Irish Pagan School), and you can take things at your own pace from there. This makes it a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I enroll, then change my mind?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you do require a refund, please just contact the Irish Pagan School directly, by email. We will deal with your request and refund your money with no problems!
Do I need to have Irish ancestry to study here?
No, absolutely not. We provide authentic connection to Ireland, with native or naturalised Irish teachers, for anyone who wishes to learn from us and is willing to put in the time and effort to do this properly... rather than grab a culturally appropriated quick fix.

Your Instructor

The Irish Pagan School Admin
The Irish Pagan School Admin

Partners in business and in life, and co-founders of the Irish Pagan School, Lora O'Brien and Jon O'Sullivan (An Scéalaí Beag) have been working together since Lúnasa 2014. These courses are taught individually, but offered together to represent a unity of guidance from very different - though balanced - native Irish perspectives.

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