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5 Courses teaching the Foundations in an Irish Guided Meditation Journey Method, uniquely blending modern psychological insight and ancient Otherworld traditions - with a Native Irish Draoí (Druid Priest).

Spanning a breadth of Irish Mythology, Allegory, Psychology, and Native Irish Journeying techniques, in this series of courses you'll learn how to travel safely to and from the boundary edges of the Irish Otherworld, and access both Level One of this system - Working on the Beach, AND Level Two - The Islands.

You will learn the basics, such as:

  • -- Why Meditate?
  • -- What are Guided Journeys?
  • -- Why Learn This Particular Method?
  • -- What Can Stop You Meditating/Journeying?
  • -- What is the Irish Tradition of Journeys in the Otherworld?
  • -- How is this system structured, and why?

This series will provide practical tools to establish and explore your personal safe space within the Irish Otherworld, build relationships on the Otherworld version of Ireland, bring you further with this particular native methodology, and build strong skills for travelling even further within the Irish Otherworld.
The technique can form a solid basis for all your Spiritual & Magical work, as it has for Lora's own practice (and that of many other students) during the last decade and more.

At Level Two, you'll discover:
  • -- Otherworld tales within the Irish Tradition - Eachtraí and Immrama.
  • -- Archetypes and how they work with this technique.
  • -- The Collective Unconscious, and how it is relevant to this worldview.
  • -- The biggest mistakes people make with Journeying, so you don't have to.
  • -- The Otherworld Islands we work with.
  • -- Some obstacles we face as modern Pagans working with ancient traditions/ working outside Irish culture.
  • -- Shared native experiences and opinions.
  • -- Practical exercises, prompts, challenges.
  • -- A short Q&A session that was held with students during the live online class.

When you enroll, you get immediate Curriculum access to the online classes in multi media formats (video, audio, slides and resources), and multiple Guided Journeys to facilitate direct connection to this area of the Irish Otherworld.

This Teaching, and the Guided Journeys, are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with more experience in other traditions.

Your Enrollment Includes:

  • -- Class Presentation Slides
  • -- Class Videos
  • -- Class Audios
  • -- Class Chat Logs/Resources
  • -- Guided Journey Videos
  • -- Guided Journey Audios (for you to repeat the Journeys)

Everything is downloadable to any device, so you can access the classes and Journeys at any time or location that suits you.

Full Price cost of all courses €87 - $105 (not including the free materials, which are value packed by themselves!)

Bundle Price €55 - $59

Your Instructor

Lora O'Brien
Lora O'Brien

Lora is a modern Draoí – a practitioner and priest of indigenous Irish magic and spirituality. She has been consciously following a spiritual path exploring her native Irish traditions for 30 years, dedicated specifically to the Irish Goddess Mórrígan in 2004, and is the author of seven books on Irish history, mythology, folklore, witchcraft, Pagan practice and priesthood. Her eighth book, on the Mórrígan, will be published by Llewellyn (2025). She professionally developed and managed one of Ireland's most important sacred sites - Cruachán/Rathcroghan - for a decade, and is a co-founder and legal celebrant with Pagan Life Rites Ireland. With her partner, Jon O'Sullivan, she is the co-founder of the Irish Pagan School, and together they create a vast amount of community service content for the Irish Pagan School Blog, YouTube Channel, and Podcast. Lora founded the Ogham Academy in 2022, and has a Masters Degree in Irish Regional History (2023) on the topic of Ogham and Irish Identity. (Pronouns: She/They)

Course Curriculum

  Class Presentation (1 Hour 40 min, Multimedia)
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  Guided Journey (15 min, Multimedia)
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"First, thanks for sharing the approach behind how your journeys are shaped. I’m one of those members of the tuath who is completely mindblank, and about a year into somewhere between every other day (in a rough patch) to multiple times per day, I will absolutely take the stand on these being worth it whether one can see/hear/taste/smell/touch or whatever. Most times, it’s “just” a break from the nastiness that is the mundane world (that alone is worth it to be sure); occasionally I get a deep relax and come out with some new ideas or perspectives; a small handful of times I have enjoyed very potent, impactful spiritual experiences that left me with things to stew over for weeks, if not months later (one I had early on still plucks at my thoughts randomly nearly a year later). The practice is so worth it, despite the constant frustration of “dammit! I wanna see the damned beach!” Thanks so much for the work and care you put into these, Lora!"

- Shiro's Ghost, @Dvergenlied on YouTube

Courses Included with Purchase

FREE Foundation Class in Meditation & Guided Journeys
Learn the Basics of Meditation and Lora O'Brien's Irish Journeying Method, with our Level One Guided Journeys Class - The Beach
Lora O'Brien
Guided Journeys - Level Two
Next Steps in the Irish Otherworld - Leaving the Beach and Exploring the Islands.
Lora O'Brien
Discovering Yourself - 5 Day Guided Journey Series
Working with Personal Archetypes to Discover Yourself through Level One Guided Journeys.
Lora O'Brien
Discovering Your Island - 5 Week Guided Journey Series
Working with Your Guide and Your Island through Level Two Guided Journeys.
Lora O'Brien
Getting Started with Meditation & Guided Journeys
Level One - a simple, Free mini Course to get you started and build a strong foundation for future Journeys in the Irish Otherworld.
Lora O'Brien

Original Price: €87

"The Journey’s program was an amazing experience that not only helped me to relax and center myself. It helped to deepen my practice spiritually using Lora’s technique on the 'Beach'. I learned many things about myself with each journey and felt that I was building on each experience. I highly recommend it!"

- Betty Banos

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my enrollment last for?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this version of the recordings for as long as you remain a member of the Irish Pagan School - across any and all devices you own. So, you can take your time, or get it all done quickly, and revisit it all whenever you want to - it's completely up to you.
What if I enroll, then change my mind?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you do require a refund, please just contact the Irish Pagan School directly, by email. We will deal with your request and refund your money with no problems!
Do I need to have Irish ancestry to study here?
No, absolutely not. We provide authentic connection to Ireland, with native Irish teachers, for anyone who wishes to learn from us and is willing to put in the time and effort to do this properly... rather than grab a culturally appropriated quick fix.

I have found your journeys to be so much better than any that I have been offered. I love how you get everyone started - especially the beach! I am very much into liminal time and space and the beach, being an edge, certainly is liminal space. I believe that most anyone, after doing a few of these, will be well on their way to independent journies of their own.

- Deanne Quarrie

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But... I Can't Visualize in Guided Meditation Journeys!

We get feedback regularly from Guided Meditation and Journeys in the Irish Otherworld students, about difficulties with visualixation, not being able to visualise, or aphantasia, and how that stops them from practising our technique. Lora O'Brien breaks it down, providing guidance and support on the method we teach at the IPS and how to meditate when you feel you're not able.