How to Build a Practice with the Mórrígan

Learn about Working with the Irish Goddess Mórrígan, an Mór Ríoghain, over 3 Weeks with Irish Draoí - Lora O'Brien



Online multimedia format Course delivered over 3 weeks, exploring How to Build a Practice with the Mórrígan - guided by native Irish Draoí Lora O'Brien.

This programme is being developed in direct response to the problems that are faced by our students, such as:

"She seems so big and complex that fitting a devotional practice that works with my life seems impossible. I'm still learning and reading but the step of how to translate the antiquated into modern is my sticking point."

Lora knows what it's like to struggle in creating a consistent practice - taking into account issues like a chaotic schedule or mental illness/neurodivergency - and the difficulties involved in committing regular time daily, finding time for deeper work, or making quick/short work feel significant.

This is your FIRST opportunity to get involved in - and help to shape - a practical programme that is being designed to directly meet the needs and problems of our students.

Over the course of our 3 week teaching, you will have direct Q&A access to, and experience the unique perspective of, an indigenous Priest of the Mórrígan. Lora has studied her lore intensely, and lived right by the "fit abode" of this Goddess for over a decade; guiding people – both physically and spiritually – on a daily basis, to seek the presence of the Great Queen at Uaimh na gCat... the Cave of the Cats in Rathcroghan, County Roscommon.

The Current Plan for each week of this Course is:

WEEK 1 - SHOWING UP (Daily Practice and Developing Good Habits... like Meditation, Journalling, Simple Candle Work, Clearing & Centering)

WEEK 2 - MAKING OFFERINGS (Altars, Prayers, Devotions, Lore Study, Giving Back to the Native Source)

WEEK 3 - HEARING BACK (Communications, Contracts and Divination like Journeying, Traditional Yes/No & Casting Lots, Oracle Cards)

The current (provisional) dates for our Live Teaching sessions are:
  1. Sunday 8th December, 7pm Irish Time
  2. Sunday 15th December, 7pm Irish Time
  3. Sunday 22nd December, 7pm Irish Time
ALL teaching will be recorded and available under the Curriculum sections in a day or two after the live event. So if you miss it live, you won't miss out!

Your Course access enrollment each week includes:

  • -- Invitation to the Live Teaching Event (on Sundays)
  • -- (this includes 60 minutes Teaching, 30 minutes Access Q&A).
  • -- Teaching Presentation Slides PDF
  • -- Recorded Teaching Video
  • -- Recorded Teaching Audio
  • -- Teaching Chat Log/Resources
  • -- Group Questions/Feedback Survey for the Following Week
  • -- Homework/Exercises PDF.

We all worry about having the time or the availability to feel like we're doing 'enough' in our practice, or even the confidence and trust that we're doing the 'right' things. By joining this programme now, we can figure out what the 'right' things are - and we can do it together... The Mórrígan's Warband 😉

Let's Get Started...

"Herself is not an easy one to walk with but I love the fierceness, no nonsense and straightforward no bullshit of the relationship."

-- Nancy Bell

Your Instructor

Lora O
Lora O'Brien

Lora is an Author, Teacher, and Guide: native born Irish, with 20+ years personal and professional experience in our history, heritage, archaeology, mythology, and pre-christian Irish Spirituality. Publications include - Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch, 2004; A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality, 2013; Tales of Old Ireland - Retold, 2018; A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood, Llewellyn 2019; and a forthcoming work on Queen Medb, 2020.

She is a modern Draoí – a practitioner and priest of indigenous Irish magic and spirituality, in the simplest terms. Lora has been consciously following a pagan path for over 25 years, and dedicated specifically to the Irish Goddess Mórrígan in 2004. She managed one of Ireland's most important sacred sites - Cruachán/Rathcroghan - for a decade, and is a co-founder and legal celebrant with Pagan Life Rites Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The Current (Provisional) Dates for our Live Teaching are: Sunday 8th December, 7pm Irish Time Sunday 15th December, 7pm Irish Time Sunday 22nd December, 7pm Irish Time ALL teaching will be recorded and available under your Curriculum section in a day or two after the live event. So if you miss it live, you won't miss out!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this version of the course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

"Your work always shows me something I didn’t know as well as where to find more of topics I thought I knew. Thank you."

-- SallyRose Robinson

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