In-Person Workshop: 10 Steps to Irish Paganism

All Day Workshop Event with Lora O'Brien, in County Longford on Saturday 1st June 2019

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Take your Irish Paganism Step by Step; covering the main topics you need to get started, with Irish Draoí, Lora O'Brien.


Based on the most commonly asked questions from her extensive communities and groups (both online and in person), Lora O'Brien - who has been a practicing Irish Pagan for over 20 years, studying and working professionally within her native tradition for most of that time - goes through the basics that you'll need to get started with a genuine, authentic approach to Irish Paganism.

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In this One Day In-Person Workshop, the steps you'll go through are:

  • -- Spirituality and Magic
  • -- Source Material and Resources
  • -- Ancestors and Culture
  • -- Local Sites and Protocol
  • -- Native Plants and Animals
  • -- Divination and Magic Methods
  • -- The Irish Sidhe
  • -- The Irish Gods
  • -- Daily/Seasonal Offerings and Practice
  • -- Otherworld Journeys
  • -- PLUS -- a unique Guided Journey for your Daily Practice.

Whether you are just beginning on this path, or a seasoned traveller from another tradition, you'll find new or remembered knowledge when you get back to basics with our 10 Steps to Irish Paganism.

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Saturday 1st June - 11am to 6pm

Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre, Ardagh, County. Longford

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"I love how this was not only scholarly but also alive and relational. I felt connected to Irish culture, not just concepts. Lora's political interjections are absolutely necessary and inform the complexity of the world today as it relates to immigration, distorted beliefs of race, and cultural appropriation. I feel prepared to approach my Irish ancestors and the beings of the land with greater awareness and reverence. Thank you to Lora!"

- Piper Rose, Student

Your Instructor

Lora O
Lora O'Brien

Lora is an Author, Teacher, and Guide: native born Irish, with 20+ years personal and professional experience in our history, heritage, archaeology, mythology, and pre-christian Irish Spirituality. Publications include - Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch, 2004; A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality, 2013; Tales of Old Ireland - Retold, 2018; A Practical Guide to Pagan Priesthood, Llewellyn 2019; and a forthcoming work on Queen Medb, 2020.

She is a modern Draoí – a practitioner and priest of indigenous Irish magic and spirituality, in the simplest terms. Lora has been consciously following a pagan path for over 25 years, and dedicated specifically to the Irish Goddess Mórrígan in 2004. She managed one of Ireland's most important sacred sites - Cruachán/Rathcroghan - for a decade, and is a co-founder and legal celebrant with Pagan Life Rites Ireland.

"Beautiful idea and reconnection to the true path!"

- Emma Lee, Student.

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