Workshop Details

Connecting with the Mórrígan Workshop 2022

3 Part Workshop with Lora O'Brien

Welcome to our Connecting to the Mórrígan Workshop… whether you are brand new to the Mórrígan (or even to Irish Paganism), or you’ve been around the block a few times before, with me or with other teachers… this is - I believe - the place to be, a free workshop in which you can learn how we authentically connect to this impressive Irish deity.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you a simple methodology for connecting to the Mórrígan, in three parts.

  • -- Part One: Exploring the Mórrígan Lore
  • -- Part Two: A Journey with the Lore
  • -- Part Three: Putting the Lore into Practice

This course is ONLY available for a limited time, these Three Parts will be released on 16th, 18th, and 20th May respectively.

You will get an email on these dates to let you know the materials are available. Then you just log in to and go to the 'My Courses' tab at the top, to access the Workshop content.

The course materials will be unavailable after 31st May. Please make sure you complete the work as it is delivered!


Not all of our free materials are downloadable, though all of our paid courses are.

If for some reason you can't complete this work in May, we will run the workshop again next year and you are free to enroll again.