Brigid in Ireland

5 Week Course - Learn about Brigid, Irish Goddess and Saint, with native Irish devotee Orlagh Costello

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5 Week Self Guided Online Course on the beliefs, Irish mythology, folklore and magic of Brigid in Ireland. Discover or Deepen Your Connection to Brigid - with native devotee and Pagan Catholic Practitioner, Orlagh Costello.

We get a lot of questions about Brigid, at the Irish Pagan School. People ask us:

  • -- What is the actual historical lore (as far as we know anyway) and what is nonsense?
  • -- How do native folks relate to her in their working of magic?
  • -- What do daily practices look like from a native context?
  • -- How is Brigid honored on a day-to-day basis, not just on Imbolc?

We've all seen how wrong this can go, with new-agey pages and websites that make all sorts of claims but have no facts or evidence... just re-hashed garbage information to wade through regarding honouring Brigid.

Stuff like: "Your inner Brigid--a Celtic Triple Goddess-- holds the sacred feminine keys to help you transform..."


So, we decided to work with an expert, a lifelong scholar and devotee of Brigid in Ireland, to get you some authentic answers, and provide insight on her origins, her connections with the land and seasons, her aspects, and how she is honoured in our living practice in Ireland.

Cormac’s glossary gives us three Brigids, one of poetry, healing and smithing:

Brigit i.e. a poetess, daughter of the Dagda. This is Brigit the female sage, or woman of wisdom, i.e. Brigit the goddess whom poets adored, because very great and very famous was her protecting care. It is therefore they call her goddess of poets by this name. Whose sisters were Brigit the female physician [woman of leechcraft,] Brigit the female smith [woman of smithwork] ; from whose names with all Irishmen a goddess was called Brigit. Brigit, then, breo-aigit, breo-shaigit, ‘a fiery arrow’.

But who are these three Brigids? Is there one, or three, or three sisters, or three-in-one? What can we learn from her/them?


(Content is delivered by email, weekly, over 5 weeks from time of enrollment)

  1. Session 1: Brigid in the Irish Lore
    1. Where does she appear and how reliable are these sources? What can we tell from the snippets we see? How does this relate to later Brigid stories from Christian lore?
    2. (Includes Simple Opening Ceremony)
  2. Session 2: Brigid the Poet
    1. What was the role of a poet in Iron Age Ireland? How do we translate this to the modern world? What work do we need to do ourselves to acknowledge, honour and learn more about Brigid as poet?
  3. Session 3: Brigid the Healer
    1. Well, a healer would appear to be a healer no matter what the time period we consider, right? Or, do we need to look deeper at the role of healing in mythology and see how this role comes about... to understand better why Brigid would need to be highlighted as a “female physician” as opposed to “physician”?
  4. Session 4: Brigid the Smith
    1. Now, smithing is not as popular these days as it used to be, but how important were smiths in the Iron Age or in succeeding ages? What was their role and how does this affect our work with Brigid today?
  5. Session 5: Brigid Here & No
    1. A final session to take a look at Brigid in modern Ireland, how she is looked at, how she has endured, where is she now? Where will you take your studies next – what work will you be assigned by her? What more do you want to find out?
    2. (Includes Simple Closing Ceremony)

Learn the history and heritage of this fascinating Irish Goddess (and Saint), from the perspective of someone who has grown up immersed in the vibrant culture of knowing and honouring her, and developed that into a personal practice firmly grounded in the authentic Irish traditions.

This course will give you an excellent foundation in Brigid's place in the lore of Ireland, and how best to work with her authentically and respectfully... wherever you are in the world.

A new weekly class will be accessible every 7 days from when you enroll!

This Teaching is suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in this area, or in other traditions. You do not have to be dedicated to or working with any Irish Gods, Guides, or Guardians to take this course. You do not have to have any Irish Heritage or Ancestry to take this course.

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  • -- Guided Meditation

Each session will include a simple ceremony or prayer/devotional, a teaching presentation on the topic, a Guided Meditation, some homework/further study. Throughout, you will get the unique perspective of a native devotee of the Goddess Brighid and Pagan Catholic Practitioner, Orlagh Costello.

Weekly Classes will be accessible progressively as you move through the material, and you'll get an email week by week to remind you that the new class is available (every 7 days over the course of 5 weeks).

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Your Instructor

Orlagh Costello
Orlagh Costello

Orlagh currently describes herself as a Pagan Catholic. Her main relationship in the Irish Pantheon is with Brighid, in whatever form She chooses to present Herself. Orlagh runs a group on Facebook dedicated to Brighid - called Brigid's Forge at and is involved with women's circles in various ways. She practices reiki & reflexology for fun; and by day, she masquerades as an engineer. Learn More at

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"This was more than just a class on Brigid: this was a whole new level of an experience! The extent and depth of the material covered is unbelievable. Participating live to the rituals, prayers, and meditations, hearing the devotional parts recited in Irish, the lighting of a candle- Orlagh has made every bit of this class feel so special. Go raibh míle maith agat!"

- Daniela Simina - Course Student 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for completing this course?
New content will be accessible on a weekly basis, for 6 weeks. This is a Self Guided, pre-recorded course, no need to turn up for any live classes, just take things at your own pace.
How long will my enrollment last for?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this version of the course for as long as you remain a member of the Irish Pagan School - across any and all devices you own. So, you can take your time, or get it all done quickly, and revisit all the materials whenever you want to - it's completely up to you.
What if I enroll, then change my mind?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you do require a refund, please just email the Irish Pagan School directly. We will deal with your request and refund your money directly.
Do I need to have Irish ancestry to study here?
No, absolutely not. We provide authentic connection to Ireland, with native Irish teachers, for anyone who wishes to learn from us and is willing to put in the time and effort to do this properly... rather than grab a culturally appropriated quick fix.
"I really enjoyed this class. I was so sorry to have missed the last one in person; but it's wonderful to have recording to go back to. As an American with dubious Irish connections, receiving authentic information is so refreshing. What knowledge I had about Brigid had come from mostly popular culture, slightly influenced by Wicca. I have had a few journey meetings with Brigid over the years, so I was really glad of the opportunity to learn so much truth from this class. Thank you again for this experience."

- Theresa Anne Pittman - Course Student 2020

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