Understanding Ireland

Guide to Ireland's History and Culture to Present Day, with Historian Dr. Gillian Kenny

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Discover Ireland's Rich Tapestry: A Comprehensive 5-Week Online Course

Embark on an immersive journey that meticulously unfolds the multi-faceted narrative of Ireland's cultural and historical evolution. This in-depth online course, facilitated by the esteemed Dr. Gillian Kenny, a respected figure and Hon Research Associate at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies in Trinity College Dublin, offers a deep-dive into Ireland's diverse history, a prerequisite for anyone keen to profoundly understand and connect with the Irish Pagan spiritual realm.

In a well structured 5-week course, you'll traverse through time, unveiling the complex layers that constitute the Irish identity. From our prehistoric roots to the contemporary era, you'll get an unparalleled insight into significant shifts and events that have moulded this nation. Each module is designed to satiate your curiosity and enhance your comprehension of topics ranging from the magic embedded in early Christian practices to the transformative Viking arrivals.

Here's a glimpse of the well-rounded curriculum that awaits you:

  • Prehistoric Ireland: A leap into the origins
  • Early Ireland - Best of Worlds?: Unveiling a golden era
  • Christianity’s Arrival: A shift in beliefs and magical traditions
  • Rise of a Literate Society: The evolution of Irish self-perception
  • Viking Arrival's Impact: A critical phase in Irish culture development
  • Anglo-Norman Era to Tudor Ireland: Navigating through conquests and colonisation
  • Gaelic World’s Decline: Grappling with Anglicisation since the 17th Century
  • The Great Famine: A period of monumental trauma
  • Modern Ireland’s State: A journey from revolution to liberation

This self-paced multi-week course, enriched with an array of resources such as class slides, videos, and a weekly guide, has been tailored to foster intentional and reflective learning experiences. The initiative encourages students to actively engage in research and class presentations, fostering a community of critical thinkers keen to debunk myths and unravel Ireland's complex, yet fascinating history.

Ideal for beginners as well as seasoned scholars, this course does not restrict itself to individuals with Irish lineage or those who work with Irish spiritual entities. It stands as an open invitation to anyone aspiring to gain a substantive, grounded, and well-rounded understanding of Ireland's historical narrative, an essential step towards authentic engagement with contemporary Irish Paganism.

Secure your seat in this enriching journey that promises not just academic enlightenment but a deeper, intrinsic connection to the spirit of Ireland. By enrolling, you align yourself with a community of learners under the adept guidance of Dr. Gillian Kenny, gleaning from her extensive experience and academic prowess.

Commit to this transformative educational journey today and redefine your understanding and connection with Ireland's vibrant history and culture. Enroll now and prepare to unveil Ireland's true essence, one class at a time, every Saturday for 5 weeks.

Embark on this educational voyage, fostering a harmonious blend of academic rigor and spiritual enrichment. Enroll Now!

"Excellent class with so much material and so much more to follow up on... Incredibly informative. Thank you. So much I didn't know."

- Kim Hornby, reviewing Dr. Kenny's class 'The Lost World of Gaelic Ireland'.

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Your Instructor

Dr. Gillian Kenny
Dr. Gillian Kenny

Dr. Gillian Kenny is an Hon Research Associate at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies in Trinity College Dublin. Her specialism is women’s lives in medieval and early modern Ireland and beyond. She is also interested in the lives of those considered outsiders in the medieval world and is currently researching that topic. She has taught in both UCD and TCD and has appeared in and written on various historical topics both on TV and in newspapers/magazines as well as working on her own books and papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time frame for completing this course?
New content will be accessible on a weekly basis, for 5 weeks. Each week's content will be released and available 7 days after the last week, giving you time and space to really immerse in the learning at your own pace. And you retain access after the 5 weeks are made available, so you can catch up or revisit it in depth at any time that suits you.
How long will my enrollment last for?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this version of the course for as long as you remain a member of the Irish Pagan School - across any and all devices you own. So, you can take your time, or get it all done quickly, and revisit all the materials whenever you want to - it's completely up to you.
What if I enroll, then change my mind?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. If you do require a refund, please just email the Irish Pagan School directly. We will deal with your request and refund your money directly.
Do I need to have Irish ancestry to study here?
No, absolutely not. We provide authentic connection to Ireland, with native Irish teachers, for anyone who wishes to learn from us and is willing to put in the time and effort to do this properly... rather than grab a culturally appropriated quick fix.

"This was an excellent course, the best one I've taken so far at IPS. I highly recommend this course to develop foundational historical knowledge of Ireland. Best money spent. Go raibh maith agat!"

- Dre Cessair, reviewing Dr. Kenny's class 'The Lost World of Gaelic Ireland'.

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