About This Lesson

Ok, so I was AIMING for 30-60 minutes per lesson? Um. Well... this went on a bit longer!

So, today for some reason the day I recorded this, my computer clock is reading an hour ahead, and I'd put my phone away so I could focus so I didn't notice, and we started at 8pm not 9pm Irish time. Oops.

But I kept going sure, and we got into a reading of the First Battle of Moytura, Cath Maigh Tuireadh Cunga​, which is one of the earliest* stories the Mórrígan appears in.

That shit is looooonnnnnggggg. Lots of gory slashing and heroic battling, but yeah. It took a while.

At the end, we went over again Her appearances in the text, with a little discussion on that. I'm not sure what ye were expecting from this, but I did say we'd be looking at the lore, and we definitely were looking at the lore  ;-)

Your work for this lesson is:

  • ​Watch/listen to the video/audio file. It is long, but getting the whole story is important so you have context - not just for Her stuff, but for the Tuatha Dé Danaan and their history/arrival to Ireland, and struggle with the Fir Bolg. Also, the pronunciation maybe be useful?!
  • Take note of 2 things as you go through the story... Confusion points and 'Aha!' moments. Literally write/record them.
  • Answer the following Questions in your Journal/the Facebook Group, or in the comments below.


  1. ​What Surprised you about this story?
  2. What were your Confusion Points?
  3. What were your 'Aha!' Moments?
  4. What do we know about the Mórrígan directly from this story?

The Morrigan's Cave Group is at - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MorrigansCave/

(if you're not already a member, PLEASE answer the initial 3 Questions or the Moderators WON'T let you in!)



*For a certain definition of 'earliest', but we talk about that in session.

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