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We have a fantastic community - we call ourselves the Tuath (Tribe) - and we hope you'll check out the Facebook Group (see joining details in the next section below).

You can join our free 'Live @ 5' online meetings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week (that's 5pm Irish time, the invites will be emailed to you if you register for them here - https://irish-pagan-school.ck.page/0b5593d43d).


There's a lot of stuff available online, but one of the things that's been pissing me off about current Pagan resources is that folk can't tell what's quality, reliable, and recommended... and what is just going to add more oul shite that you only have to unlearn later.

So, we decided to commission and curate some of the top Pagan minds (all of whom are credible content creators) to write unique, fresh articles on general Pagan topics which we can then supply to our members.

In this way, our lovely authors and creators get paid and supported (by us and by you, if you are a Pagan Digest subscriber!) to create the best Quality Pagan Resources on a regular basis, and you know you are only learning the good stuff so you don't have to waste any of your time or energy with the rest!

To make it accessible and sustainable, we have created a simple, inexpensive monthly subscription membership that you just enroll in at the Irish Pagan School, and you can access a pleasantly formatted digital PDF file each week containing (at least) one of the following Pagan Digest pieces:

  • An Article written especially for you by a published Pagan author (there will be TWO author articles per month)
  • Author Answers - one of our authors will write an answer to a Subscriber's Question (there will be at least ONE of these per month)
  • Resource Review - a written review of what we're reading, and whether it's worth your time and money... or not (there will be at least ONE of these per month)


In 2020, we contacted, commissioned, (and paid!) some very well known published Pagan Authors.

We have pieces from:

  • Lora O'Brien and Jon O'Sullivan (of course we're going to contribute to our own project!)
  • Professor Ronald Hutton
  • John Beckett
  • Erynn Rowan Laurie
  • John-Paul Patton
  • Emma Restall-Orr
  • Morgan Daimler
  • Courtney Weber
  • and many more!

AND we want you to comment below with suggestions for who you'd love to see writing for us, and of course any topics you want to see covered in the Pagan Digest.

We will be inviting Subscribers' Questions, and suggestions for Resource Reviews you'd like to see our opinions on, by email after you enroll to subscribe.


Enroll for this monthly payment and you will be supporting all the free courses, YouTube videos, blogs, email resources, FB groups, and online community hangouts we do through the Irish Pagan School!

You are also contributing to the living wage of multiple Pagan authors and content creators each month.

AND you're getting all of these Quality Pagan Resources delivered to you each week.

The weekly materials will be compiled and added to your Pagan Digest Curriculum for you to access, read, download, and file digitally... or print and keep in a nice binder - your content, your choice!

Again, accessibility and sustainability is the thing we're going for here, so we're keeping it really affordable for enrollment, at just €9 or $10 per month.

You can also cancel your payment easily ANY time and our usual 30 day money back guarantee applies. If you're not happy at any point in the first month, just let us know for a full refund, no questions asked.

If you haven't enrolled yet, scroll down and click the big orange button at the bottom now!

If you are already a subscriber, email us directly with your author and topic suggestions, subscriber questions, and resource review recommendations.

We can't wait to get working on more Quality Pagan Resources for you! 💚

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