Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article, FAQ, or Book Review to the Pagan Digest. In order to ensure that our resources are valuable and timely, the following guidelines have been compiled for those making a contribution. If you have any questions or comments regarding these guidelines, direct them to the Editor at [email protected]


Before writing/submitting an article:

  • You must be an established, credible content creator. That means scholarly, online, print, paper or digital, quality publication.
  • You can email and ask for a Reader Question to Answer.
  • You can submit a proposal or a finished piece for approval. 
  • Proposals should contain a few lines on your idea and a few lines about your credentials and experience, if you are new to us.
  • Emails must contain SUBMISSIONS in the subject line.

Themes for 2021

We are open to ideas outside of the following, at any time of year, but these are our standard themes as we progress through the year. 

  • January My First Time
  • February Leadership
  • March Plants & Animals
  • April Sun, Moon & Stars
  • May Growth
  • June Techniques
  • July Myth & Legend
  • August Life Cycles
  • September Learning
  • October Divination
  • November Transition
  • December Hearth & Home

When writing/submitting an article:

  • Completed article must be original, well-written and adhere to the approved proposal topic.
  • Submit article in Microsoft Word document format (.doc or .docx), or Google Docs only.
  • Articles must be a min of 500 words, with a max of 2000 words.
  • Use single spacing after punctuation. Use punctuation.
  • Please spell check your finished article, and format clear paragraphs.
  • Include your publication history, and a few lines of bio (including one or two relevant promotional links), at the bottom of every submission.

Article title and author information:

  • Include an appropriate and informative title for article.
  • Capitalize only the first letter of each word in the title.
  • Include the article AND author’s name in the document save title.

Submitting a completed article or review or answer by email gives the Irish Pagan School the rights to edit, if needed, and publish your piece. This includes exclusive rights for 6 months from date of payment. The editor will review all content and make minor changes for readability, organisation and style prior to publication. If significant edits are needed, the editor will send the content back to author for review/approval. The editor will then review and must approve the article before publication.The date an article is published will be determined by the editor. 



Payment will be made (€50 per article and €25 per book review or Reader Question) within one month of acceptance by email. 

Contributors also receive an annual subscription to the Pagan Digest, which is also available here - 

Please contact the editor at [email protected] with ideas or suggestions, or to get involved.

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