What to Expect from Your Ogham Journeys Course


You are so VERY welcome to the members area of your Ogham Journeys Programme. I'm delighted to see you here. 😁

Here's a little about the Programme.

As you've seen from the info materials and emails already, this Programme is for those who want to learn the Ogham, but to learn it in a different - deeper - way than just reading a book or taking a regular class.

The basics are covered through original content by myself (Lora O'Brien), plus the use of the recommended textbook “Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom”, by Erynn Rowan Laurie, and through other Ogham resources that will be recommended for study along the way.

But this Programme is designed primarily to open and develop a solid relationship with each individual Ogham fid key, as well as the over-arching ‘Spirit of Ogham’ itself, through the use of an indigenous method of Journeying in the Irish Otherworld. The purpose of the programme is for you to develop a deep fulfilling, life-long, relationship with the Ogham.

The programme runs over 26 weeks - six full months of learning.

Each week, on a Wednesday, Programme Members will gain access to the new lesson, which contains a wealth of materials for that week's topic.

20 of those weeks will be spent focusing on the individual Feda, the ogham alphabet letters - or keys to the wisdom of the Otherworld, as I think of them - so that you can truly get to know the Ogham beyond a mere system of divination (though we can use it for that too), or a 'Celtic tree calendar'.

The other six weeks of content will be taken up with :

  • an introductory overview lesson, so we can all find our feet.
  • four review lessons, for a pause and some stocktaking - so that the individual feda we've been learning about also make sense in the context of the Aicme or letter group it sits within, and we're not just rushing from letter to letter.
  • a final lesson on working with the ogham, including Crafting, Divination, and Magic.

Those review lessons at the end of each Aicme also include some extra content - a look at a different form of source material with each, covering: Auraicept na n-éces, Book reviews, Online Resource reviews, and a look at the Forfeda (the 'extra letters' from the manuscripts).


First, order your course text book. That's “Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom”, by Erynn Rowan Laurie.

You can get it direct from the publisher here: http://www.immanion-press.com/info/book.asp?id=328&referer=Catalogue

If you'd prefer to go through Amazon, and send a few cents my way in an affiliate sale, here are those links:

Second, introduce yourself to the Journeying Technique we will use, with the class and sample Journey included in this section. Even if you've been using this method already, please refresh yourself on it!

Third, watch (or re-watch) the pronunciation video included in this section.

Fourth, please go and join the online Facebook community group (see instructions included in this section).

Your Lessons will be available on Wednesday, at 4pm (Irish Time). You will get an email reminder each week... Any questions? Put them in the comments below.

Talk soon!


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